About me

   I started out as a stylist and makeup artist for many talented Photographers in KCMO, which is where I am originally from, then moved onto modeling, this is where I was fortunate to pick up some tips and tricks in photography. I moved to Oklahoma city in March of 2015 and am trying to earn a name for myself here in my new home. I have been actively shooting for around 6 years now. I specialize in portrait, senior, baby, maternity, and family.
     In addition to photography I am also a licensed Cosmetologist since 1999 and I offer these services to my clients with any package. I would describe my personal style of photography as whymsical, I love fantasy, I love playing dress up, and I believe that shows in my work. Because I have a background in modeling and I am a Cosmetologist I feel That gives me an advantage over other photographers, I know how to pose, I am more familiar with how a woman wants to look, I can offer on site hair and makeup that saves my client not only time but money as well. Everyone should look and feel thier best when being photographed and I can offer that in every way!